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Conscious Leader Introduction Series

Preparation for the Conscious Leader Program (CLP)

The six (6) event sessions in the Conscious Leader Introduction series include:

  • Event 101 | Conscious Leadership — What it is and Why it Matters

  • Event 102 | Conscious Leaders Create a Culture Where People Matter

  • Event 103 | Moving Beyond Rewards & Punishment: Igniting Intrinsic Motivation and Alignment

  • Event 104 | How am I Showing Up as a Leader: An Introduction to Needs-Based Communication

  • Event 105 | Measuring Conscious Leadership and Organizational Culture

  • Event 106 | The Development Journey: A Path to Become a More Conscious Leader

Each session highlights a core facet of conscious leadership, providing a taste of what conscious leadership is. Collectively, the series is an ideal preparation for the Conscious Leader Program.

Each 80-minute session is facilitated live by Gregg Kendrick via Zoom. Additionally there are course materials for each session available through an online portal that includes video recordings of content, handouts to download, and activity worksheets to support your application of the learning from the session.

By signing up for the Conscious Leader Introduction series, you receive a 50% discount for these six Events

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Conscious Leader Introduction series



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Full access to Events 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106 during any 3-month period that you select

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Preparation for the Conscious Leader Program (CLP)

An effective 50% discount for these six events

Facilitated by Gregg Kendrick

Each event is an 80-min live, facilitator-led session

Two (2) events are scheduled each month

Currently scheduled on Thursdays at 1:00 PM Eastern Time

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