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Activate human potential...

Unlock vitality, innovation and productivity
at the personal and organizational levels.

Develop a mindset and skill set
around Human and Organizational Needs.

Conscious Leaders Create Conscious Organizations

Why Organizations Hire Gregg
  • Gregg shines the light where organizations and their leaders get stuck.

  • Participants in his facilitated events and workshops move forward in ways that create success for themselves and their organization.

  • The individuals and teams he facilitates and trains are more responsive to organizational challenges, helping the organization run at full potential.

  • Effective communication in the organization builds strong working relationships.

  • ​His unique learning-systems approach produces sustainable results.

How Gregg Works

Gregg creates conversation and learning

environments that invite personal ownership and

mutual accountability to make desired behavior changes at the personal and organizational levels.

❖ Customized design process ❖
❖ Innovative approaches ❖
❖ Whole-body learning ❖
❖ Interactive strategies ❖
❖ Measurable results ❖

Human needs are a potent
transformational catalyst.

​People are intrinsically motivated ​​when they are aligned with the purpose and meaning of their work. People engage when they are included in the decisions that impact them.

People have heightened trust when they are heard and valued. 

Your organization literally comes alive when human needs are valued.

A "living organization" embodies its own Organizational Needs that make it vital and effective.

Gregg uses human needs-based frameworks and processes to illuminate needs and increase organizational productivity through: 

❖ encouraging an environment of mutual understanding and trust rather than of blame and fear
❖ aligning and focusing people on the core needs of the organization
❖ creating the conditions for innovative solutions to emerge amidst the expansiveness of needs
❖ enhancing self-responsibility and mutual accountability that lead to learning rather than punishment
❖ strengthening people's commitment to the organization which values them as human beings

Gregg's needs-based approach
addresses all three levels within an organization:

❖ leading yourself 

❖ leading others 

❖ leading the organization 

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