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When transforming an organization's culture, or supporting a leader's development, it is helpful to have a measurement tool to establish a baseline and to see how it changes over time.

​As a Barrett Certified Consultant™, Gregg uses tools and resources from Barrett Values Centre to support clients in their personal, leadership and cultural transformation. The tools define an actionable road map that becomes an integral part of a leader's personal development plan and business strategy.


The Barrett Model™ is the breakthrough work of Richard Barrett. Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and tested over more than two decades of real-world experience with thousands of organizations, the model identifies the seven areas that comprise human motivations. These range from basic survival at one end, to service and concern for future generations at the other.

It provides a proven and extraordinarily useful map for understanding the values of your employees, leaders, and stakeholders. Even better, it offers a means for creating more supportive and productive relationships between them, and a deeper alignment of purpose across your organization.

Leader & Culture Assessments by Barrett Values Center (BVC)

If you believe you or your organization would benefit from leader or culture assessments, please contact us. We will schedule an exploratory conversation to better understand your needs and design a plan tailored to your organization's needs.

Business meeting

For Leaders...

As a leader, you make decisions and manage employees, of course, but you are also a de facto cultural leader. Consciously or not, your manner and behavior convey a wide range of cultural markers and set the stage for a healthy or dysfunctional organization.


It is no wonder then that leadership development is an essential part of cultural transformation.

We use Barrett Analytics™ to magnify leadership effectiveness by helping them recognize their true cultural impact and embrace an authentic leadership style. Leadership Development grounded in values-based insights builds the skills leaders need to:

  • Work more effectively with their leadership team

  • Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to create a truly fulfilling and productive workplace

  • Engage with integrity and authenticity, the basis of trust

  • Find greater satisfaction, meaning, and connection in their work

The most common leader assessment we do is the Leadership Development Report (LDR).

  • Simple, online, assessment —
    10-15 minutes for assessors to complete

  • 360 degree feedback from managers, peers & staff

  • Compares self-assessment with assessment from others

  • Measures "personal entropy" of the leader — the amount of fear-driven energy the leader expresses ... which contributes to the "cultural entropy" score of the organization

  • Benchmark for leadership development

Highlights of the LDR

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For Organizations

Culture transformation starts with measuring your current culture and the desired culture.  This understanding is gained through Barrett Analytics.  We use Barrett Analytics™ because they offer the proven, customizable assessments used by thousands of organizations worldwide.  Understanding culture with shared metrics gives you insight to how to intentionally develop it.

When you measure your culture, you can manage it.

  • Inclusion of all voices

  • Simple, 10-15 minutes to complete

  • Measures current culture and desired future culture

  • Measures "cultural entropy" — conflict, friction or frustration that diminishes productivity and quality of environment

  • Benchmark for cultural development

  • Optional sub-group reports can look at results by department, by role level, etc.

Highlights of the Culture Assessment
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