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“An exceptional programme. Deep, sustainable learning which can be instantly applied at work and across all of life. I particularly enjoyed the mixed elements of learning - self-directed, group discussion, accountability and buddy sessions. Even though at times it was hard to keep up the weekly pace, I noticed that when I didn't, my connection/application of this important work dramatically dropped. Thank you, Gregg.”

— Tash Stallard

Founder, Unassuming Radicals

NVC Core Concepts, Oct 2021

​“Gregg brings himself and the power of business accountability structures to the experience of learning needs based communication (NVC). During the training programme I felt empowered and supported in my needs for feedback, reflection, competence and growth. I can invite you with confidence to accelerate your learning together with Gregg.”


— Jorim Schraven

Director, FMO Impact & ESG

Conscious Accountability, Jun 2021

“Gregg Kendrick had just the right mix of geniality and forthrightness to help our organization discuss and get past some difficult conversations.  As a high-performing team of independent-minded professionals it took someone of Gregg's character and disposition to help us have a breakthrough on issues that have stymied us for years.  Thank you Gregg and Basilea for helping take our company to the next level!”


— Rob Herndon

President, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative

(NVC Core Concepts, Jan 2021)

“This course brought together for me both a deeper understanding of how organizations 'work' AND how NVC can very comfortably snuggle in to that to render working in organizations, leading projects and ideas, an absolute joy. It has allowed me to no longer be afraid of my light but to trust in it and let it lead me. I would recommend it to NVC practitioners who want to integrate NVC into everyday life and also to people in the workplace who want to know how to put people at the epicenter of the Life in the organization.”


— Cathie Timotheou

Senior Manager at private school in Cyprus

(Intro to Conscious Leadership, Nov 2020)

"For those ready to lead their lives (and organizations) with meaning and purpose, I'd highly recommend Gregg Kendrick. If you believe the essence of real leadership is conscious self-awareness, Gregg is a trusted guide who can lead you there. The content of the NVC Core Concepts workshop is amazing! and so rich! Even though I knew the basics of NVC, Gregg’s approach took it to a whole new level, providing lots of "aha's" and deepening in self-discovery.


— Laureen Golden

Founder, Healing Our World

(NVC Core Concepts, Nov 2019)

It may seem counter intuitive to listen to someone’s needs as a way to meet my own needs, but it's amazing how simple connection can be when I slow down and hear them first, There is space for me to be heard all of the sudden. The practice is yielding/ listening first. Gregg skillfully guides this work with exemplary listening skills, easy to understand examples and an honest shared experience of being human.


— Shandoah Goldman

(NVC Core Concepts, Apr 2019)

​“I have been in a lot of workshops/retreats, and this is the most clearly thought out, articulated and valuable.”


— Pryor Hale, Board Member of MJH

“It has been my pleasure to work with Gregg. He understood our organizations cultural needs and was able to connect board, management and staff for all voices to be heard in a process that was thorough and productive for the benefit of our organization.”


— Adam Feldbauer, CEO of MJH

“Gregg is a skilled listener and group leader. I have been through many similar organizational efforts over a forty year career and this one stands out for its relevance and originality.”


— John Pezzoli, Board Member of MJH

"Gregg is an embodiment of needs-based consciousness. He has mastery with structures of the sociocratic circle method ... and enabling tools for assessing, planning and measuring a "journey of transformation" at both the individual and collective levels through the Barrett Value's framework. I feel fully alive through this embodiment which wouldn't be possible without Gregg's deep faith and commitment to being a masterful embodiment and practitioner of this work. I recommend every individual with a longing heart to come fully alive, please do not hesitate to sign-up for experiencing an enlivening journey with Gregg."


— participant at "NVC in Business" program in Mumbai, India, 2016

"This has been one of the most enriching learning experiences for me." 

— ​Vaishali Naik, "NVC in Business" program in Mumbai, India, 2016

"The program allows for a deep grounding of needs consciousness to enable both connection and impact"


— Nithya Venkataramank, "NVC in Business" program in Mumbai, India, 2016

"I witnessed the amazing power of transforming conflict to generate true alignment' 

— participant at "NVC in Business" program in Mumbai, India, 2016

​I am struggling to find words to express the gratitude I have for an amazing process and thoughtful facilitation. Everyone in the company that I have polled felt they got tremendous value out of the process. You have given us some tools and way of thinking to improve our culture. Thank you, thank you!


— T. Clifton, CEO, ECD, Portland, Oregon 

Thank you all so very much for all your hard work to pull off what turned out to be such a huge breakthrough for us.  Gregg, you led us brilliantly and got everyone to push past the old and walk into the new.  The design was amazing!  It was incredible to witness the transformation and even more amazing to be a participant in the process.

— J. Schultz, Executive Director, Dancing Classrooms, Inc., NYC

Three months ago I was asked to head a private school to bring about organisational changes that are needed after 8 years of steady growth. And instantly more and more details of our 1 week CWWPT retreat started creeping out from where they had been hiding in the basement of my brain. Working together with teachers and pedagogues in a Montessori school felt different then fighting to be heard in a for-profit multi-national retail chain. Being in a position where change is not only possible but needed, I feel the strength of Gregg's work reappear in me. One of Maria Montessori's (our school's founder) main principles was to create a prepared setting for children and teach them "how to go about themselves." Not to have power over the children but to have power with them; to empower them. This empowerment of the individual person that we are currently promoting in everything from alternative medicine to alternative educational systems – Gregg has taken it into the corporate world in a way that opens people's hearts. And we can build on his foundation to empower our own organisations.

So here is my next step: Still letting fierce gentleness guide my deeds but also going the next step to building a structure, where every person in the organisation has the chance and takes the responsibility to create a shared purpose that holds value for them – and empowers them.

The power of value sets free such a positive force in people that their surrounding has a hard time withstanding. And Gregg is a living example of a person radiating that positive power. Thank you Gregg for igniting this spark in me. Only now do I begin to understand the full impact of what we talked about during our week together last October amidst the snow covered German Alps. I am looking forward to many more talks to explore the details of your work that deeply touches my heart.

— Marcus Hecht, CWWPT workshop participant in Germany

When do you know that a workshop really made a difference in your life? First when you are already completely motivated during the training and have the great feeling  that you are growing each day. Second when the training is over and you feel so fulfilled that you don't want to leave the place. And third when this feeling of satisfaction and completeness persists even the following weeks. If you're looking for an experience like this, you can't miss CWWPT.

But what was the magic of that workshop to make that happen? What actually made me feel like this?

First: The charisma of the trainer Gregg. His enthusiasm and authenticity is so contagious, you can here his heart beating for every single word that he is saying. Another thing which had a deep impact for me personally was his courage to show himself vulnerable: he did not hide any feeling. This was really a wake up call for me, I realized how powerful vulnerability can be, creating a deep connection and feeling of trust.

Second: How Gregg created an inspiring learning environment. The vibrations of the seminar started even a few weeks before the workshop, when we received our first e-mails from Gregg. They made me get ready and prepare for the seminar, and at the same time I had the chance to connect early with the other participants when Gregg invited us to briefly present ourselves. During the training itself the inspiring learning atmosphere continued, especially due to the presence of Gregg and his Co-trainer Dan (Miller), both always being completely aware of “holding the learning container.”  The schedule and didactics also were well prepared: in my opinion a perfect balance of working time, and time for connection and leisure. I experienced the seminar as a great dynamic flow from the start until the end.   

Third: The very special content Gregg brought to us.  

I got aware of a new dimension of needs and values. What does it mean concretely when we talk about the needs of a group or of an organization? How can I develop that consciousness?  What does it mean to shift from a "deficit of the need" perspective” to a “beauty of the need" perspective.? The workshop brought me clear answers.

I learned how it is possible to create structures and processes that make an NVC-consciousness viable in organizations and companies. We saw how it is possible to create a balance between empathy and productivity, and that it is possible to create an organization which considers all needs equally and can still be efficient at the same time. The seminar did not only show the ways towards such a living organization, we also had the opportunity to experience it ourselves.

I began to understand a new sense of taking responsibility. The art of taking exactly 100% responsibility--no more, no less. And that taking 100% responsibility also means taking  responsibility for the needs and well being of the organization, which is far more than doing my job accurately. 

In one sentence: Without exaggerating I can honestly say, that this seminar was one of the most intensive, stimulating and fulfilling experiences in my life. It's still a reference in my head, and just by thinking of it I feel the fire and enthusiasm again that I had during that week in October 2009.

— Sven ​Fröhlich-Archangel, CWWPT Workshop participant

I found Gregg on the Internet.

That might neither sound very special nor very romantic. Not special because that's why he has a webpage: for us to find him. Not very romantic because you might miss the personal touch in it…

But: after you have spent a lot of time and money to get an idea of how to apply NVC in the business world and you are still clueless, it IS special to come across a page that hits you and it IS in some way romantic to experience that the guy behind the page touches you deeply with what he has to say and how he says it!

I had no idea that our first contact which was aimed towards me attending one of his trainings in the US would result in him coming to Germany to offer his training here. There he was almost a year later – and I had already tasted the mixture of what I would call his 'special ingredient' of his work: fierceness and gentleness – gentleness and fierceness.

I was blown away by how determined somebody can be and still sense with an open heart what's going on… and came to understand that this is what it takes to apply NVC successfully in businesses. I had never experienced the power of this mixture before – and was moved to tears when I was part of the first meeting in which we created our shared purpose and in which I got aware of how much everybody's needs counted!

And I learned how beautifully even a business environment can be transformed if space is created to live exactly that. It's not much different from what you would want to live in your private life – except that you could never imagine it being part of your business life as long as you haven't experienced it with Gregg!

The highlight of what I experienced was a role-play of how to fire an employee empathically – I was not the only one who was in tears about realizing how much humanness and beauty can be lived in such a process.

I am deeply grateful for what you've touched in me, Gregg, and am thriving on the confidence I have gained through you. May you have many opportunities to spread the work and transform our (business) world!

— Tina Schmitt, CWWPT workshop participant

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