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Leading an SCM Circle

Training for Facilitators, Functional Leaders & Log Keepers

a live interactive Instructor-Led Workshop
series of two 75-min sessions​

part of the Conscious Leader Development programs at Basileia LLC

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and freedom.

-Viktor E. Frankl
in Man's Search for Meaning
​survivor of WWII concentration camps


When an organization or team chooses to embrace the Sociocratic Circle Method as its governing process, then it begins to host a special kind of meeting, usually monthly, called a Circle Meeting. At these meetings, the circle decides how they want to organize themselves to get the work done to fulfill the team's/circle's aim. They define what roles they need, they elect people into those roles, and they set the guidelines for the group as a whole.

Three roles lead and support these circle meetings. The Circle Facilitator is the leader of the circle meeting, facilitates the SCM process, and overall supports needs of connection and inclusion among the group members. The Functional Leader is the leader of the functional team, and brings attention to the purpose of the circle/team and its fulfillment. The Log Keeper keeps the group memory, supports communication among circle members and provides logistical support for the meetings.

This training describes how these three roles work together to create effective circle meetings that advance the team's success. The framework of the training follows the flow, first of the meeting itself (from the moment you arrive to set up through the closing round) ... and then of what happens after and between meetings, so that the group takes action on what happened in the meeting and prepares for the next.

This training is especially useful for those who have been recently elected to a circle leadership role, or for those who hope to fulfill such a role in the future.

Included in the training are forms, templates and other tools for circle leaders.

Session Outline
  • Why SCM? ... How is it different?

  • Clarity of Roles

    • Circle Meeting Facilitator

    • Team Functional Leader

    • Circle Log Keeper

  • Differentiating "policy" from "operational"

  • ​Flow of an SCM Meeting

    • Arrival to Meeting

    • Purpose / Desired Outcomes

    • Opening Round: Check In

    • Administrative Matters

    • Handling Agenda Items

      • Proposals & Elections

      • Issues / Concerns

      • Celebrations / Opportunities

      • Connection among members

      • Feedback on Ideas

    • Closing Round

  • Flow between SCM Meetings

    • Post-Meeting Follow Up

      • Prepare & distribute meeting log

    • Between Meetings

      • Prepare proposals, supporting docs for next meeting

      • Collect agenda requests

      • Status of actions from last meeting

    • Pre-Meeting

      • Prepare & distribute draft agenda

      • Distribute proposals, supporting docs​


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