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Introduction to the Sociocratic Circle Method​ (SCM):

​An inclusive governance structure and
decision-making process

a live interactive Instructor-Led Workshop​
one 75-min session

part of the Conscious Leader Development
programs at Basileia LLC

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and freedom.

-Viktor E. Frankl
in Man's Search for Meaning
​survivor of WWII concentration camps


This 75-min session introduces people to the Sociocratic Circle Method, a unique governance structure that enables a "power-with" environment rather than the typical "power-over" structures that are so common. It especially holds the needs of inclusion and autonomy.

SCM is a governance structure where the group holds and distributes authority as a CIRCLE of equals, and the team gets day-to-day work done as a FUNCTIONAL hierarchy.

This session will introduce you to SCM's core concepts, its organizational structure, its meeting structure and its consent decision-making process.

This session is ideal to onboard new employees to have a foundational background in SCM.

Session Outline
  • What is SCM? ... What are its benefits?

  • ​The 4 Core Principles of SCM

    • "circle" as fundamental organizational unit

    • "consent' governs decision-making

    • "elections" to select people for roles

    • "double linking" between circles

  • Circle Roles

  • Dynamic Circle Process: Leading > Doing > Measuring

  • SCM Organizational Structure

    • Creating Sub-Circles

    • Circle Domains: deciding who decides

    • Circle Aim: the circle's reason to exist

    • Helping Circles

    • Defining a Role

  • SCM Meeting Structure

  • SCM Consent Decision Making Process

    • Creating Proposals

    • ​Electing People to Roles

  • Differentiating policies from operations

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