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Introduction to
Conscious Leadership

A High-Level View of Transforming Leaders & Organizational Culture

a live interactive Instructor-Led Workshop
series of six 75-min sessions

part of the Conscious Leader Development programs at Basileia LLC

"There are two fundamental ways to lead:
through FEAR or through TRUST.
One makes people grow smaller.
The other invites people to grow larger.
The mindset and the skills are radically different.

How do you want to lead?"

— Gregg Kendrick

In this 6-part series, participants are introduced to the foundations of Conscious Leadership — leading through trust rather than fear, leading through power-with the people you are leading rather than power-over them.

Each of these sessions highlights a core facet of Conscious Leadership, and collectively they provide a pre-requisite foundation that prepares you to delve more deeply in learning specific skill sets when you are ready.

Session Outlines
  • Session 1: Conscious Leadership — What it is and Why it Matters

    • ​Contrasting the two fundamental leadership approaches

    • The Mindset Shift

    • Re-Defining Mindsets around accountability, feedback, respect, loyalty, and motivation

    • The "acid test" of Conscious Leadership

  • Session 2: Conscious Leaders Create a Culture Where People Matter

    • ​Organizational Culture is not defined by what you say it is

    • Interpersonal conflict is a symptom not a root cause of cultural issues

    • Taking responsibility for the root cause of a dysfunctional culture

    • The top eight qualities of a culture where people matter

  • Session 3: Moving Beyond Rewards & Punishment:Igniting Intrinsic Motivation and Alignment

    • ​Getting someone to do what you want ... or inspiring action toward a desired outcome

    • Core Values: who we are and how we want to work together

    • Shared Purpose: why we're together ... and why it matters

    • Self-Organizing Group: autonomous people acting within an aligning force

    • The gentle and fierce role of a conscious leader

  • Session 4: How am I Showing Up as a Leader?: An Introduction to Needs-Based Communication

    • ​The Five Chairs - how you react depends on where you focus your attention

    • Moving from Unconscious Reaction to Conscious Response

    • Communicating without blame: the four parts of needs-based communication (NVC)

    • Self-Responsibility: The four skill sets of needs-based communication

  • Session 5: Measuring Conscious Leadership and Organizational Culture

    • ​Seven levels of Needs Consciousness

    • Seven levels of Leadership Consciousness

    • Measuring Leader Well-Being and Entropy —The Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)

    • Seven levels of Organizational Consciousness

    • Measuring Cultural Well-Being and Entropy — The Organizational Values Assessment (CVA)

  • Session 6: ​The Development Journey: A Path to Become a More Conscious Leader

    • Mastering Needs-Based Consciousness: Language, Mindset, Somatic Awareness

    • Levels of Development

    • Spiral Learning

    • The Development Process

    • Measuring Development: Leader Assessment, Team Assessment

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