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Every leader needs to create a support structure ... because we all get stuck, we all have blind spots, we all need honest feedback, we all need the ear of someone with whom we can express freely without fear of judgment or reprisal. One-on-one coaching with someone outside of your organization can be an important part of that support structure..

With options for remote coaching using video technology, you can be anywhere in the world and still enjoy the benefits of our Leadership Coaching.

For Individual Leaders...

Leadership Coaching is available to any leader or aspiring leader.

​If you need funding from your workplace, ask your manager or HR group how you can use your organization's personal development or training budget to apply toward leadership coaching.

Get the personal, individualized support you need to advance your leadership development.

​When you're ready to engage in one-on-one coaching, you are invited to contact Gregg.

Depending on your needs, one-on-one coaching includes:

  • support & accountability for desired behavioral or organizational changes

  • empathy around work or life challenges — a place to be heard without being judged and without risk to workplace relationships — so that you can get clarity of how to move forward

  • feedback & support in needs-based communication skills development, including handling one's own triggers, empathy & listening skills, simulations of conversations, engaging in difficult conversations, etc.

  • feedback & support in conscious leadership skills development, including conscious feedback, mutual accountability, facilitating meetings, creating structures that support intrinsic motivation and autonomy, etc.

  • a neutral perspective from an experienced business leader and facilitator

  • one-on-one coaching sessions are confidential (unless explicitly agreed otherwise)

You focus the sessions on whatever is most relevant for you. The typical opening for each coaching session is the question “How can we use our time together that would be most valuable for you?”

Coaching is a process of goal setting, practice, feedback and accountability over time, so we have designed our "coaching package" to be a series of 6 or more sessions.

For Organizations...

If you believe your organization would benefit from leadership coaching, contact us. We will schedule an exploratory conversation to better understand your needs and design a plan tailored to your organization's needs.

Most of the coaching we do happens within organizational work plans, where coaching is one of several elements designed to meet organizational goals.

Flexible Scheduling and Venue:

  • Coaching sessions may be done via via video call, phone call, or in person. What matters is that you are in a location where you have trust that you can speak freely. With video or phone calls, you can connect remotely from anywhere in the world.​

    • video call: we use zoom video technology

    • phone call: you can call your coach directly

    • in-person: (assuming you are in the Charlottesville, Virginia region) we can meet at my home office, at your office, at a local coffee shop, or other mutually workable location where you can speak freely

  • Frequency. You determine the frequency of coaching, typically somewhere between 1x and 4x per month. You can adjust this frequency as you need, perhaps more frequently in the beginning and less frequently later on.

  • Scheduling. You schedule your coaching sessions directly using a calendly link into the coach's schedule. You can also manage your coaching schedule to cancel or reschedule sessions using the calendly tool without having to contact the coach.

  • Length. Coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes long, though they can be adjusted as needed to suit your specific needs.

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