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Conscious Leaders Create Conscious Organizations, an Interview

Gregg Kendrick




conscious organization



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Conscious Leaders Create Conscious Organizations, an Interview

In this interview, Gregg provides a glimpse into his organization, Basileia, and into the focus of his work on Conscious Leadership. Specifically, it includes ...


  • his motivation in naming his organization "Basileia"

  • clarity that a Conscious Leader is both gentle and fierce, holds care with accountability

  • how mutual accountability is different than accountability based on blame and punishment

  • the importance of Intrinsic Motivation structures within a Conscious Organization

  • the importance that a Conscious Leader acknowledge and transform their own fear-based mindsets and behaviors, e.g. "where does 'blame' live in me?"

  • an introduction to Needs-Based Communication (NVC) as a process that increases self-awareness and self-responsibility

  • an overview of workshops designed to teach the foundations of NVC

Gregg's Review

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